Earlier I posted an article on the proposed visit of the seminary in Santiago, Chile, that was going on mission together. I have just received this email update from Prof. Josue Fonseca and I am posting it for your interest and prayers:


Greetings from the beautiful and sunny city of Iquique, a place with a population of 200,000 inhabitants.

Our Evangelistic Mission of the BTS in northern Chile is doing great this weekend. We came as a group of 60 Seminary members, staff, students and Faculty to preach and serve in 8 cities and villages in the Altiplano (Highlands) border to Bolivia and Peru, and also Chilean Pacific coast.

Churches were prepared to host us. We are preaching on the streets, open air, in radio, high schools, institutions, etc., teaching workshops on all sort of subjects, visiting homes, people in their places of work, local authorities, youth people at soccer fields, children ministry with puppets and mimos (mimes), elderly ministry and so, and so.

We begin every day at 7:30 am with prayer meeting, then the full day is completed with the order of the day for each group. We are interconnected as a group through mobile cellular phones, and the internet, so we know what is happening to each other.

The whole travel of 2,300 kilometres is done by bus, 36 hours to the final end, and finishing the week the bus will start from the northeast point to pick up the delegation until all are in the bus to head to Santiago. That moment is marvellous when student and faculty tell stories and testimonies of the happenings; there are tears, emotions and praises.

People are serving this weekend as a celebration of our Centennial Anniversary of Chilean Baptist Convention and 69th Seminary Anniversary. It is very joyful and stimulating. It’s another way of doing theological training in the field, as we have done for more than ten years now.

Blessings and love in Christ,
Prof. Josue Fonseca

Gracias por el email fantastico! Bendiciones. Que Dios te bendiga. Ir en paz.
Siempre estoy orando por ti ustedes.
Vaya con dios.


Image: Map of Chile; “the beautiful and sunny city of Iquique.”