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Theologians Without Borders

We're an independent agency with a vision to see global integration of
Theological Education
based on equity, mutuality and reciprocity

in collaborative partnerships between churches, institutions and ministries across every global region.

We operate internationally and have four functions:

  1. To help more Western (W) scholars teach in Majority World (MW) institutions more effectively and with more cultural relevance. We vet scholars and then match them to teaching-visit opportunities in the MW — we aim at MDiv level or higher, not grassroots training.
  2. To encourage short-term visiting teaching by MW scholars at W institutions (without fostering long-term recruitment from the MW to the W).
  3. To encourage and broker fairer Theological Education global partnerships, between MW and W institutions - to 'level the playing field'.
  4. To enhance MW regional cross-pollination, by brokering and facilitating (including financially where possible) relationships between MW institutions and scholars, especially across MW regions.

Even though our full website is not yet live (it soon will be), we'd love to hear from you.

Please be in touch with Dr Ian W. Payne, Executive Director, for questions and expressions of interest regarding Function 1, or to indicate your interest to receive regular news from us.