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We are a passionate team of dedicated friends that help connect theologians with theological education providers globally. Evangelical by commitment, we see theological education as mission. We are a team of experienced educators, recognizing the importance of cultural context.


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What we do

Our vision is to see global integration of theological education based on equity, mutuality and reciprocity in collaborative partnerships between churches, institutions and ministries. If you’re a theologian broadly speaking—theological teacher, educator, bible lecturer, professor, trained pastor—you can help

Help Western scholars visit and teach in Majority World institutions
... by vetting and matching Western scholars to teaching-visit opportunities globally
Foster equitable global theological education partnerships
... promoting best practice models and advising on request
Encourage more Western Institutions to invite Majority World scholars to visit
... by identifying potential scholars and networking with potential institutions
Enhance Majority World regional cross-pollination visits
... by brokering and facilitating (financially where possible) relationships across regions

What are people saying?

“I am very excited about this initiative. Any area of collaboration will only serve to strengthen and empower both parties.”

Elie Haddad, President, Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, Lebanon.

“TWB has a potential to contribute to the next wave of theological education globally.”

Dr Emmanuel Bellon, Scholar Leaders International.

“Neither theology or the gospel belongs to a single culture, but to all. Theologians Without Borders facilitates both the intercultural conversation and global partnership in theological education that has always been implicit in Christian mission. As one who both received and sends doctoral students to and from the Majority World, I am delighted to be involved in this pedagogical border-crossing. The gospel demands nothing less.”

Dr Kevin J Vanhoozer, Research Professor of Systematic Theology, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, IL, USA.

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“Theologians without Borders appears to be an excellent new initiative by well qualified and experienced people.  I look forward to participating myself when I can and I commend the organization’s work to all who are interested (or should be!).”

 Dr Craig L. Blomberg, Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Denver Seminary.


‘As a valued Associate of ICETE,
Theologians Without Borders plays a crucial role…

…in advancing mutuality in global evangelical theological education, especially through fostering exchange of professors between the West and Majority World institutions.’

— Dr Michael A. Ortiz, International Director, International Council for Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE).

The ICETE collaboration connects Theologians Without Borders to 1000 Bible colleges and theological colleges globally.

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