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The coronavirus pandemic is preventing international travel and many theological education programs have been temporarily closed down. Theologians Without Borders is encouraging scholars and institutions to monitor and abide by government health requirements at home and at destination. Lives are unnecessarily put at risk if we do not do so.
Post-virus, global theological education will again need the synergy TWB can bring. Check out the opportunities below for 2021.

There are Online Opportunities here…

A Kenyan Christian University is seeking online tutors for 2021:– (email for more details)

Masters level:
OT Theology
Christian Spirituality
Social World of the Bible

Bachelor’s level:
NT Theology
OT Historical books
Synoptic gospels
Romans and Galatians
Pastoral Theology
Evangelism and Discipleship

There’s an Opportunity in…

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Watch Ian Payne in conversation with Michael Ortiz of ICETE, talking about Theologians Without Borders.

Good advice from Nigeria: Don’t be afraid to start small.

Faculty freedom to go online:

Dr J. Manoch and Dr Steve Taylor share how they responded to Covid-19 by expanding their online program in simple ways…

Hear Ian Payne being interviewed on Radio Rhema by Andrew Urquhart about Theologians Without Borders:

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Find out more about TWB at…