The award-winning film, Slumdog Millionaire, has turned attention toward India and specifically to the plight of the thousands eking out an existence on the rubbish heaps and in the slums of the populous sub-continent.

Chennai Suburbs and Slums
A Christian leader in Chennai is looking for someone to help strengthen and sharpen their ministries which are aimed at leadership training and community development.

He, with his growing network of churches, is involved in helping the poor gain basic medical care. In addition to the worship and fellowship ministries of the churches they are involved in developing micro credit schemes that kick start new work projects, feeding the hungry, caring for orphans and helping young people who have lost their way.

Visit of Encouragement
This leader is requesting a visit by someone or a team that might encourage and equip them.

If you’d like more details and would like to express an interest do write to me at this email address: geoffpound[@]

Dr Geoff Pound

Image: Poster for Slumdog Millionaire.