Meet Lilian Lim
Lilian is a Chinese woman, born and based in Singapore.

Formerly a teacher and journo (Straits Time), Lilian sensed a new call and undertook theological training first at the Baptist Theological Seminary in Singapore and then at Southern Seminary in Louisville, where she completed a Ph.D in New Testament and Theology.

Lilian has served as a pastor, a teacher, Academic Dean and Vice President of the BTS in Singapore.

Further a field she has served on the executive of the Singapore Baptist Convention, the executive of the Asian Baptist Federation, the Board of Directors for Global Women (USA), the Board for Medical ethics Review, Singapore and the Doctrine and Inter-Church Cooperation Commission of the BWA.

Lilian is passionate about training ministers of the word (men and women), integrating faith and the arts and the culinary arts.

Strategically Placed
With her detailed knowledge of theological education and church life among Baptists in Asia and as President of the Asia Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary (ABGTS), it is expected that Lilian will have a strategic role in Theologians Without Borders. She travels extensively and she will help us to identify the opportunities and assist in the matching of personnel with posts.

In Her Own Words
In a recent communication Lilian says this about Theologians Without Borders and its vision:

“As the new millennium sails into its first decade, it saddens the world with large-scale disasters. The tsunami in Asia wiped out hundreds of thousands within minutes. What else do we need to strike us with a sense of the brevity of life?”

“At the Asia Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary, we encourage lovers of God to live with a sense of purpose as we gather and make friends to share a common passion for the ministry of the Word. And as friends go by, we partner to learn and work together where we may be most needed, regardless of race, region, language, or gender.”

“The common tie that binds us is the yearning to fulfill our life’s calling and stretch our potential as we respond to stimulating challenges first in our own neighbourbood and then beyond.”

“Become a theologian without borders. Share your calling, expertise, & experience. Be adventurous, get out of your comfort zone, learn as you teach. Give and you shall receive, the Master Teacher himself declares.”

“Get connected with us. And connect us with your circle.”

Thanks Lilian for your encouragement.

Geoff Pound

Image: Lilian Lim.