Since returning from conferences and holidays in Europe I have several notices to post on this site as I work through my inbox and notebook.

It is wonderful when people engage in long-range planning as illustrated in this email excerpt:

“Hi Geoff – I’ve a sabbatical coming up second half of next year (July-Dec 09) and [I] have asked for a month or so that could be spent teaching overseas in a less-resourced context… If anything comes to mind let me know.”

I have some thoughts but if you represent a seminary that could do with a teacher for a month in this period, let me know.

There is more information I can furnish but the enquirer teaches mainly in New Testament studies. He is an able teacher with extensive experience (long term and stints) in cross cultural situations. As a former fulltime pastor he would bring many gifts of encouragement and be open to learning from the community to which he serves.

Send me a letter (geoffpound[@] if you would like to learn more or be connected—this sounds like I work for a Relationship Agency but there is an element of match making and a service of introduction in the coordination of TWB!

Dr Geoff Pound