The original idea for Theologians Without Borders was Geoff Pound’s. A former Principal of Whitley College, Melbourne, Geoff set up an online site for theological educators running from 2007 to 2011. His aim was linking volunteer educators with international opportunities primarily in the Baptist world. When the invitations multiplied and the work of linking teachers to seminaries became too much for a ‘one man band’, Geoff Pound approached Tony Plews and his larger organization for help.

Tony, then Executive Director of LeaDev-Langham, New Zealand, caught the vision of taking it on and growing this vital work. It was evident that the existing ministries of LeaDev-Langham would complement the work of Theologians Without Borders.

LeaDev-Langham set out to fulfil the original objectives and broaden the scope to encompass ICETE institutions around the world but under a new governance and management umbrella and with a new Executive Director, Dr Ian Payne. A New Zealander, Ian had spent almost half his life in India, and recently stepped down after ten years of being Principal at SAIACS, Bangalore.

Tony’s and Ian’s vision was to address four needs in global Theological Education—greater mutual collaboration (in both directions), more equitable coordination and more dynamic cross-pollination. Theologians Without Borders advocates for MW scholars and institutions and serve global evangelical TE.

After several months of consultation with regional theological educators from the Majority World leading up to a consultation at the ICETE Triennial Consultation in Panama in 2018, Theologians Without Borders was born again. In recent months, to better communicate the common identity and origin of the two websites, the blogspot archive has been migrated onto We are making available that treasured archive here.

The Theologians Without Borders team will continue blog contributions here, aimed at providing thoughtful reflections on issues affecting global theological education. Anything to promote global integration of theological education based on equity and mutuality in collaborative partnerships between churches, institutions and ministries across every global region. Your feedback is welcome, please fill in the contact form below to get in touch with us.



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