At the heart of Theologians Without Borders is the principle of partnership and mutuality. The person who goes to teach will soon discover how much they receive, not in terms of remuneration but something far more valuable—the generosity of hospitality, the rich harvest of insights about the people with whom they share and some new reflections about themselves, their teaching and the material they are sharing.

Dr George spoke about this in his assessment of a time in teaching in Tripura.

Dr Keith shared in an earlier posting about the richness of his experience in Bangladesh.

More recently Dr Tim has shared some early insights in an article entitled, ‘How is my Teaching Changing by Being Here’.

All these articles are well worth a read.

Please let me know (no commitment!) if you’d like to express an interest in serving in some place where the need is great. Send an email to me at

Dr. Geoff Pound
(Coordinator of TWB, a ministry of the Baptist World Alliance)

Image: Dr Frank Rees, Principal of Melbourne’s Whitley College, teaching students in Daejeon with his Korean interpreter, looking lost in translation.