I am posting this recent comment to an earlier article on Creativity, Books and Theological Education as I do not want it to lie buried and unconsidered in the archives of this site.

The comment comes from JT who has contributed an article or two already to this site:

“In the three Theological Colleges I have visited this year the libraries were very sparse, due both to shortage of funds and lack of materials in the local language, though I was able to make good use of the Africa Bible Commentary (2006) which is in English.”

“It has occurred to me that one more long term answer may be to skip to the next generation of knowledge transfer and make use of something similar to the cheap wind-up laptops now being developed for distribution in third world countries by putting at least commentaries and classics in English on their hard drive. This would have the added advantage of getting more to the village pastors for whom TEE materials are the only resource.”

Many thanks for your thoughts JT. Anybody want to interact?

Dr Geoff Pound

Image: A happy user in the One Laptop a Child Project (OLPC)