Miyon Chung is Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology at Torch Trinity Graduate School in Seoul, Korea.

She will be speaking at the forthcoming Baptist International Theological Educators Conference (BICTE) 26-30 July, in Prague on the subject: ‘Anticipating the Kairos Moments that Await the Baptist Theologian of the Twenty-First Century’.

Miyon shares this creative idea:

“Torch Seminary has a ministry known as ‘angel professors’—those who teach in other seminaries and Bible Schools where there is a shortage of faculty. Torch teachers serve during seminary breaks or while they are on sabbatical. The seminary pays for the travel costs and the lecturers pay for other expenses. Some use this opportunity to visit Torch’s international alumnae and support their ministries.”

This is a great expression of Theologians Without Borders. One of the crucial features of this ‘Angel Professor’ scheme, and any variation of theologians without borders, is the strategic commitment by the seminary (or by one’s church) to making this international ‘angel’ ministry fly.

If you are part of a seminary that intentionally supports an international teaching ministry by encouragement, financial support and in other ways, do let me and others know.

Dr. Geoff Pound

Image: Miyon Chung.