The paper on Creativity in Theological Education that I posted a few days ago (14 August 2008) is an early version as there have been so many other creative ideas I have received since that article was finalized.

All the extra ideas I have posted in separate blog articles so, if you are seeking creative stimulus, you are encouraged to track through the postings (down the right hand side of the front web page) or use the SEARCH function to look for some angle to do with theological education e.g. ‘distance’ [education], ‘assessment’, ‘tutorials’.

Further creative ideas have been received recently. Here is the latest bundle from Mary Hinkle Shore (use the SEARCH function and insert the word ‘Hinkle’ to find Mary’s earlier suggestions):

* We have posted earlier an article about theological lectures being offered free of charge on YouTube. Now Concordia Seminary is posting many of its lectures on iTunes. When you get onto the iTunes site, SEARCH for ‘Concordia Seminary’ and under ‘Concordia Seminary iTunes U’ there is a swag of material.

For instance check out the lecture on New Testament Greek entitled Chapter 14.B Contracted verbs in the Present Tense, (the album is called Elementary Greek) by Dr James Voelz. You can click on this and hear 30 seconds worth. If you want to hear the entire lesson (8 minutes 43 seconds) you go to the GET button and download it to your computer free of charge.

There is quite a collection of teaching material from many disciplines. I hope you can use this and that it stimulates you to think of how you might record lectures that can be shared for the training of others.

* Also have a look at Mary’s new preaching resource entitled Working Preacher. If you find it useful then pass on the link to other preachers.

What are you doing in theological education that is creative? Keep the creative ideas flowing and I will post them to stimulate others. Thanks Mary!

Dr Geoff Pound

Image: iTunes logo.