I am keen to keep a conversation on the boil, hence the resurrection of this buried ‘Comment’ and its transformation to new life in an article.

Tim Bulkeley responds to this post and this, which may be good to read to pick up the conversation thread:

IF you can buy the laptops at $200 AND IF it costs $20 for someone to transfer the data (say 500 books) to the laptop, AND IF it costs no more to transport the laptop than it would 6 printed books AND IF the six books cost < $35 THEN your pastor has 500 books for the price of 6.


But then half the village are illiterate, and the pastor is not highly literate either. So, why not record someone reading the books – like Librivox – then people will be able to bypass getting literate.

BTW I noticed this week that reading a quotation that uses complex language aloud to my class made it easier to understand, even for literate students…

An MP3 player that will hold 200 audio books costs only $50, and transporting 4 costs less than one laptop so you could provide 200 “books” to 4 pastors…

Double duh!

The question is can we convert the Western fettish for “books” into something more useful?

Thanks Tim! I think we are on the cusp of something important.

To read an expansion of this contribution check out Tim’s statement and the conversation bubbling on one of his sites entitled ‘Watering the Desert of Books’.

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Dr Geoff Pound

Image: Some suggestions for transferring theological knowledge. Got any more?