Updated Opportunities
It is good to report that the ‘Colombo Calling’ opportunity (CTS) for an OT teacher has been filled, as have all of their other needs for teachers in 2008.

The request for teachers to do a short term in Myanmar is still current. A letter this week indicates there is a renewed level of safety for travelers at the moment.

There is an ongoing request from this ‘Small Country with Big Opportunities’

I get a phone call each week from this group who would love to have a ‘South Indian Visit of Encouragement’ asking, “When are you going to send us a team?” If you went as a group it might be mutually beneficial as this pastor and his group discovered.

This invitation still stands in the country of Sierra Leone.

The Doctorates in the Jungle is progressing well in a refugee camp, thanks to the assistance of the Asian Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary.

An OT teacher is going early in the new year to teach in a Bible School located in a refugee camp. Some members of his family will be accompanying him and looking to ways they can make a contribution.

There is a lot more going on in the way of planning, dreaming with groups and consultancy in different parts of the world.

Thank You
Many thanks for your interest and support.

I am very grateful to those who have or who are serving as a TWB volunteer

Thanks to those who have sent me (without any commitment) their completed ‘Expression of Interest’

Do pass on the word about TWB and help as you can.

Dr Geoff Pound