This letter that was written and sent to many explains the transformation of Theologians Without Borders and provides the links and contact addresses for LeaDev Langham.

Warmest greetings to you!

Changes Afoot

I write to inform you of the exciting change—that Theologians Without Borders (TWB) is becoming one of the ministry initiatives of LeaDev-Langham, which is a vibrant organization that supports Christian Leadership Development in the Majority World.

In good Biblical fashion, the new name ‘Teachers Without Borders’ will signify this transformation and new ownership.


Since 2006 TWB has been assisting through the provision of short term volunteer theological teachers. In recent days I have become increasingly aware that many of the seminaries and colleges that have requested help through TWB have also put out requests to LeaDev-Langham.

Having known Tony Plews, the Executive Director of LeaDev-Langham, for more than 30 years, I thought it would be good for us to compare notes, talk about what we were each doing and see if we could discover some useful synergies. These conversations with Tony and later with his chairman Denis Browne were thrilling and I quickly saw that the vision of TWB could be achieved so much better if it became part of LeaDev-Langham.

I initiated a formal request for this to happen and I am very glad to report that recently the LeaDev-Langham Board enthusiastically agreed to take responsibility for the work of TWB.


Since 2006, TWB has grown beyond what can realistically be achieved by a one person band.

LeaDev-Langham is a bigger organization with a team of people responsible for such things as vision, administration, communications, finance and coordination of volunteers with accountability to its board.


TWB has provided volunteer theological teachers but often as coordinator I have been asked whether I also had openings for an IT volunteer, a librarian, a counselor or an English language teacher.

As I have become more acquainted with LeaDev-Langham I have been impressed with its strategic approach. It comes alongside at the invitation of a local seminary and it gets involved in a range of complementary ministries—faculty training, library and IT resources, campus development, preacher training, humanitarian aid and development, student scholarships and short term adventures.

Volunteers participate in a wide range of short term adventure projects as Academic Administrators and Advisers, Computer Trainers, Educators, ESOL Teachers, Finance and Administration Specialists, Mentoring and Pastoral Specialists, Health Practitioners, IT Specialists, Librarians, Property Development and Maintenance Workers, TESOL Trainers as well as Visiting Faculty.


The LeaDev-Langham team works with volunteers and seminaries across the spectrum of the Christian church.

While it is based in Auckland, New Zealand its vision and mission encompass the Majority World (MW). It has appointed people to help in the coordination of work in several global hubs. It is working on ways that people can donate – including in the USA where Americans can easily invest in its work.

Do browse the LeaDev-Langham website ( and look at either the short or longer version of the introductory DVD.


1. From now (if you have been on the TWB mailing list) you will receive the newsletters sent out by LeaDev-Langham indicating the range of opportunities for service throughout the world. Ask to be put on LDL’s mailing list if you are not.

2. When you want to indicate your interest in serving or request volunteers to help in your training institution please email Tony Plews

3. In passing on the resources of TWB to LeaDev-Langham I plan to include the confidential Expressions of Interest that so many of you have submitted over the years and the letters of commendation by your referees.

Alternatively, should you desire that I delete those files and leave it to you to furnish new and updated information to LeaDev-Langham, please indicate this to me by 31 July 2011.

4. Your questions to me ( or to Tony Plews (tony@ about this transition and the transformation of TWB would be welcomed at any time.

5. Initially I will be assisting LeaDev-Langham in an advisory way to ensure that in this transition no requests or teachers fall through the cracks!

After this transition period I will be stepping back because the greatest gift I can give is the freedom and permission for LeaDev-Langham to transform what was TWB into what it needs to become and allow the new coordinators to effectively nest this ministry alongside the wide range of their volunteer projects.


I have appreciated greatly and have been inspired by the people who have sacrificed time and funds to undertake short term teaching ministries in many parts of the world. Thank you so much for your letters and notes of encouragement and the assurance of your prayers.

I commend to you wholeheartedly the work of LeaDev-Langham and hope you might continue to be involved in the vital work of Christian partnership throughout the world.

Every blessing

Dr Geoff Pound