2009 Courses
A request has come this week from the Dean of the Colombo Theological Seminary.

He says:
“We need two teachers. In particular we are looking for someone who can teach a course in Hermeneutics. Other topics that we are interested in covering are Marketplace Theology, the Synoptics or Anthropology.”

The dates that he is looking at are:

17th of Oct – 25th of Oct 2009

6th of Dec – 13th of Dec 2009

Situation in SL
Jonas continues: “Things are well in Sri Lanka. The political situation is still unstable with the war raging in the North, but here in the South we have been spared major terrorist attacks in the last few months.”

To get a good feel for this seminary go to the seminary web site, to this link or take a look at this link with the articles, photos and videos that Tim Bulkeley from Carey, NZ posted during his recent assignment at CTS.

To express an interest or request more information, do send me an email at geoffpound[@]gmail.com. Tim (at the above link) is also happy to tell you firsthand what the experience in SL was like for him.

Dr Geoff Pound

Image: A Group at CTS.