I have received a new request this week from a Baptist seminary in a small country in south Asia.
The need is for short-term volunteer theological teachers in a seminary and possibly taking training seminars into the regions.

This does not mean you need to be teaching in a theological College at the moment or necessarily a Baptist. You could well be a graduate student wanting to try your wings or you may be a seasoned pastor whose church will be glad to see you go for a while, will keep your salary going while you are away and pay your airfare (hopefully a return ticket!)

There is great flexibility with this request. Teachers would be welcome in a variety of periods from 2 weeks to 5 months (visa permitting) and anytime throughout the year, except December and January don’t appear to be convenient.

They could do with teachers in various disciplines, although when I pressed the Principal, he said there is an urgency in the areas of Bible, Leadership, Church Administration, Baptist Distinctives and the Church (Ecclesiology).

For more info do email me: geoffpound@yahoo.com.au

Geoff Pound
Chair of Coordinating Committee

Image: South Asia.