A Bible School in Papua New Guinea is looking for someone to write a Theological Education by Extension (TEE) course on “Wisdom Writing” which comprises Jobs, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs. This is the third part of Old Testament surveys. Here are some of the details I have received:

The person will be required between September 28th- October 19th. However there are often delays when it comes to issuing visas so if the visa is late, the person can still be around before November 15th.

The type of person they need is someone who is a good teacher, can write courses quickly, be focused on what they do and is familiar with editing, illustrations and publications.

Whoever is willing to come must be someone who has experience in TEE course writing or Distance Education materials production.

If there is some time this Bible teacher could also help us with training the staff on the basics of formatting, writing up some Tutor guides and helping the staff with data base or basics of computing.

If there is no course writer, they might need an artist to draw pictures for some of the courses.

If there is no course writer and artist we can get someone who can write TEE assignments and put in reflection sections for a course on the New Testament which is already in the computer.

If you have an interest in exploring this possibility do write to me for more details or to make a connection with the contact person.

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