How does a seminary keep in touch with its community, not just those who are scattered on campus but partners nearby, families at a distance and the alumni living in different parts of the world?

The International Baptist Theological Seminary (IBTS), which draws its students and teachers from all over Europe and beyond, has had a good web site for a while but they have commenced this Fall Semester by deciding to establish an IBTS Community Blog.

They hope their new Community blog will be “a place for expressing views on Baptist and baptistic life in general, as well as particular thoughts about Baptist life in Europe, IBTS, EBF, or BWA.”

“We hope to comment on books and theological trends, to explore issues of worship, our concern for the theology of creation care, the place of women in the life of gathering believing communities and generally to provide a space for interaction on important issues of being disciples of Christ in a world of rapid change.”

Chief contributors will be people from the residential community but they are inviting comments from further afield. Important in fostering their diverse sense of community is the conviction that “this blog site will not have the imprint of one person only. Women and men living, talking, reflecting, worshiping, praying and believing together will write and reflect together.”

Check out the IBTS Community Blog. See the annual picture of the community on campus, learn what they use to be on the cutting edge in terms of ecological lawn mowing, look at the lecturers, view the parties, squizz at the book reviews and reflect on the other activities and ideas that provide the glue for a vibrant seminary community.

How are you seeking to foster the community spirit of your seminary this semester?

Link: IBTS Community Blog.

Dr Geoff Pound (who visited IBTS in July while attending two conferences in beautiful Prague and stayed in the seminary’s Hotel Jenerálka which is wonderful accommodation).

Image: IBTS Community Collage