In the tradition of “And he said to them a third time…”, I am re-sounding some calls for help and highlighting the urgency.

Some calls posted earlier are still current and the welcome is warm. I am particularly underscoring the requests from these places:

N E India

Vietnam and a further Vietnam posting



The dates are often flexible with the ability to accommodate the diary of a visiting teacher.

I am also clarifying a new request for teachers in Nepal. I will make a posting when I have more information.

Do let me know if you would like more information about any of the above places and opportunities. My postings are intentionally basic and lacking in detail and names.

Please pass these needs on to others that might be able to assist in this next year.

If you need information about what TWB is about you can point people to this article on the TWB site or this statement recently posted in the US.

Dr. Geoff Pound
(Chair, Coordinating Committee of TWB)

Image: A picture of the colour, jumble and joy in a market of N E India.