I had a note this week from a retired teacher in Church History who continues to teach, research, write and preach.

He is an excellent teacher who makes the study of church history enjoyable, interesting and related to the present times.

He has taught classes where students have a basic grasp of the English language as well as courses from diploma through to doctoral levels.

He said if I hear of a seminary that is in need of a person coming to teach a course in church history or Baptist history/theology please run it by him.

There are many seminaries around the world where the faculty is small and teachers who are qualified in biblical subjects and theology have no great expertise in church history but have to cobble together a course to cover the need.

The offer of a church historian to visit and teach a course is a wonderful gift.

Do let me know if you have a need for a teacher in church history for a short term assignment.

Dr Geoff Pound