Allan Harkness described earlier the creation of a non-residential modular training approach designed for Asia.

Coordinator of Leadership Training for Victorian Baptists in Australia, Darren Cronshaw writes in this article of an Australian version of modular training:

Tabor College offers a Master of Arts in Church Practice in partnership with Open Seminary.

The program runs over six semesters or three years, and each semester has one unit where participants learn from a church, their lecturer and their peers. The module of study starts with reading, continues with a week of learning from Tabor lecturers and an experienced leader, missionary or pastor, and is concluded with a research phase where students work in cluster groups on projects related to the ministry context visited and their own situations.”

“The following modules make up the course:
Theologia: doing theology in context
Koinonia: leading and building community
Kerygma: communicating the gospel
Leitourgia: leading people in the presence of God
Diakonia: missional church service
Paideia: spiritual formation

“The intensive happens in the context of ministry – so last semester’s unit was on worship and the teaching happened at two churches which are exploring and leading the way in alternative worship and contemporary worship respectively.”

Dr. Geoff Pound

Image: Darren Cronshaw