I recently received a good letter from a person who described himself as one who “has been lurking around the TWB web site for some time.” I laughed because I lurk around many web sites without leaving my card or a comment.

Another letter from a Dean of a Baptist seminary noticed the Link List on the side of this web site and said, “The name of our seminary is not in your list but we want to formally identify with the vision of Theologians Without Borders. May we have our seminary linked to the TWB site?” I wrote back to tell him that it was ‘Done’.

I would love other seminaries and training organizations to do the same regardless of your denominational affiliation or interdenominational character. TWB has no membership as such but a link on this site is a show of your interest and the list provides a growing directory and a quick way for others to discover web addresses and contact details of your seminary.

Please would you put a link to the TWB site on your personal web site (or Blog Roll) and the site of your seminary and/or church?

Darren Rowse, a former student of mine at Whitley College, is one of the foremost bloggers in the world and on his popular ProBlogger site he has oodles of articles on the promotional value of establishing Links with other sites. Darren has many more tips if you are looking for ways to make your web site effective.

Lurking to Linking
Do write to me (geoffpound[@] with the name and web address of your seminary or training institution so that it can be placed on this site.

Make the jump from lurking to linking in support of the visions of each other.

Dr Geoff Pound

Image: “Linking in support…”