Lilian Lim of Singapore has been a great supporter of Theologians Without Borders (see the article about her at this link) but she is currently in need of our support.

It was good to see Lilian in Prague (July) and hear her speaking about creative things happening in theological education in the Asian region.

Here is her health update in a letter I have just received:

“The day after I returned from Prague, my aorta ruptured. Since the rupture was at the arch near the heart, I was rushed in an ambulance for emergency surgery. Within hours, I was in the Operating Theatre where the surgeons worked for five hours to replace the torn 15 cm on the aorta with a synthetic graft. There was a 50/50 chance of a stroke after surgery – that was the best the docs could hope for.”

“Amazingly I recovered well and was discharged after two weeks. I am recuperating at home and doing a 3-month rehab programme with physiotherapists. My surgeons say the graft should give me a better quality of life. I am working hard towards that. Officially I am still on medical leave till end of October.”

If you’d like to write to Lilian and wish her well here is her address:

Dr Geoff Pound

Image: Lilian Lim.