In Vietnam there is an urgent need at the moment for theological teachers and trainers and there is a loud cry being voiced to ‘Come over and help us’.

The seminary there is training students (all part time) who are engaged in ministry all over the country. It draws students together for 3-4 days a month.

International teachers across a wide range of subjects are desired to supplement local teachers.

Probably an ideal visit would look like this:
* Teach a module to the regular students for 16 hours over 3-4 days
* Conduct a day of seminars as part of the existing continuing education program for church leaders.
* Visit to teach leaders and churches in a region away from the main centres (3-4 days or however long the teacher has to spare).

The people are warm, the students are receptive, the churches are inspiring, the food is delicious and the needs are great.

I would love to receive enquiries about this opportunity for further details and completed expressions of interest.

Dr Geoff Pound

Image: Getting along through Vietnam.