Further to the examples posted about seminaries offering distance education I have received word about a seminary in South Africa that has a major distance education initiative.

The Registrar of Postgraduate Studies, Leschenne Rebuli, writes:

“We have been receiving your Theologians Without Borders newsletters recently…”

“The South African Theological Seminary (SATS) is a private higher education distance learning seminary accredited and registered with the South African Council on Higher Education. We have recently (February) launched our eCampus and online study programme. The 2008 Prospectus is at this link for your perusal.”

Leschenne says: “SATS endeavours to promote quality higher distance education that is accessible and enjoyable to students around the world. We currently have over 3500 students in the undergraduate programme, over 300 in our Masters programme and 14 in our Doctoral programme. If you have any queries I would love to be of further assistance.”

This is a big operation that, while based in South Africa, is committed to offering theological education beyond its national and continental borders.

Dr. Geoff Pound

Image: Scenes from the SATS web site.