An impassioned request has come for teachers and pastors who can teach in the theological education programmes in China next year.

There are numerous inter-connected teaching points in various provinces all over the country.

These include programs at diploma, bachelor, and masters level.

In addition to all the basic subjects that provide the core of an MDiv there are various classes requiring teachers for courses in cross-cultural missions, vocational training, Christian education, and pastoral leadership.

Please consider committing one or two weeks in 2009 to teach in China.

The seminaries there have two semesters: March to June and September to December.

This is a great thing to combine service with sight seeing as it will bring you in touch with ordinary people and give you an insight into the distinctive features of the church in this ancient and developing nation.

How they do theological education in this country is probably quite different from your experience and to get a taste will challenge your thinking and your teaching in such refreshing ways.

In many parts of the world the question is, ‘Which seminary shall I attend?’ In China the question that is asked more often is, ‘Will I ever get the chance to have a seminary education?’

Do email me at geoffpound[at] for more information, to discuss dates or about any other matter.

Please pass on this request to other pastors and theological teachers.

Dr Geoff Pound
(Chair, Coordinating Committee of TWB)

Image: A little of the drama I saw on my first visit to China.