I have received a letter from a woman living in Nagaland, India. She has several postgraduate degrees in theology.

She is ready to serve in an Asian country and she has great flexibility in terms of the length of time (short-term, long term) as required by the college, mission or church.

Interests and Expertise
This teacher has great versatility but is very interested in:
* Developing local leaders as well as training people cross-culturally to serve in other countries.
* Counselling and teaching counselling skills and practicum
* Youth ministry

* Do get in touch with me for more information.
* Do pass the word out to others who might be looking for a multi-skilled teacher and practitioner.
* Do give this link to others so they can check this site often.
* Do let me know of any requests and opportunities that you’d like publicized.
* Do subscribe to this site.

Dr. Geoff Pound
(Chair, Coordinating Committee, Theologians Without Borders)

Image: Grow and pass on gifts of beauty. Scene from India.