TWB Field Partners and Associate Scholars use their theological qualification and ministry experience to bless theological education in the Majority World as volunteer visiting teachers.




Here’s what people are telling us.

How will I benefit from becoming a TWB Associate Scholar?

  • I’ll be vetted for suitability. Majority World theological educational institutions don’t want just anybody.
  • I’ll be assured the seminary I am visiting is strategically valuable.
  • I’ll get help in orientation for cross-cultural teaching and ministry.
  • I’ll be enriched by interacting with and learning from Majority World colleagues and students in a unique and vital part of the world church.
  • After my first successful visit, I’ll become an Associate Scholar with TWB, which can be added to my CV or resume. Note that being a TWB Associate Scholar has no legal or official status with any other organization.
  • DISCLAIMER: TWB does not guarantee fitness or suitability; it will take all reasonable care but no responsibility. I am free to take up the opportunity or not; that is up to me.

What will it cost to be a TWB Field Partner or Associate Scholar?

  • There is a one-time application fee of US $ 200 payable to TWB.
  • As a volunteer, I will bear my own costs of travel and the risks associated with each visit.
  • The Majority World institution will also make an in-kind contribution to my visit, e.g. offering accommodation and/or hospitality.

How will global theological education benefit from a TWB Associate Scholar visit?

  • I’ll help grow indigenous leaders right where they are needed
  • I’ll help build a ‘sister’ Majority World theological educational institution’s capacity
  • I’ll help strengthen the equitable integration of global theological education and its missional impact.


Are you evangelical by conviction?

At this time, we are looking for field partners who have a masters qualification (equivalent to or higher than MTh/ThM or MDiv/BD) or doctoral qualification (PhD/DPhil or DMin).

Your qualification needs to be from a government recognized university, or be quality assured by ICETE, ATS or CHEA.

“Theologians without Borders appears to be an excellent new initiative by well qualified and experienced people. I look forward to participating myself when I can and I commend the organization’s work to all who are interested (or should be!).”
Dr Craig L. Blomberg, Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Denver Seminary