Bible School. Divinity School. The notion of school is deeply ingrained in our minds when we think about seminary education.

Ivan Illich was the writer and philosopher that recommended that education should be de-schooled.

Allan Harkness is making the same pitch as he advocates de-schooling theological education.

In an article Allan identifies the limitations of the schooling paradigm for ministerial formation and “argues for an integrated, formational, and missional community paradigm modeled especially on the relationship of Jesus with his disciples as being both more consistent with biblical precedents and more effective educationally.” He also discusses the implications of this model for the role of faculty of theological institutions.

Allan’s article can be downloaded from ADrive (a free document storage site). When you click on the link below you will come to the ADrive site headed ‘Download Page’ and ‘Your download should start immediately. If it does not click here to start download.’

Link: Allan Harkness, De-Schooling the Theological Seminary.

Dr. Geoff Pound

Image: A diagram discussed in Allan’s paper that illustrates the model for training pastoral leadership students at the Carey Baptist College.