It was lovely to receive this note in one of the Comments received today:

Dear Dr. Pound,
I just wanted to thank you for the “theologians without borders” blog, and let you know that I’ve been sharing it widely with colleagues over here in the [United] states. Your series of posts on creative theological education is finding much resonance across a wide variety of institutions! THANK YOU.

The Note Continues…
Your recent post noting what the project is about in many languages made me hope that you might find this site useful.

It’s a site many of us have been working on as a place for local churches and other pastoral leaders to publish religious resources that they’ve created that they’re willing to share for free using Creative Commons licenses.

It’s a wide open and free site, although it’s also possible for groups to become a “group” on the site, and thus moderate the content that goes up under their name.

Currently you can navigate the site in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Korean, with French soon to be added. But we are more than happy to share the translation tables with other groups who might like to use the site in their own languages, if they’re willing to do the translation of the localization table.

Anyway — I hope you might find this a useful site to share!


The About Us page of the site gives this expanded explanation:

“We are a group of people who have come together to support the sharing of religious resources using Creative Commons licenses. For more information, please contact”

“Some of us first met at a World Council of Churches consultation on intellectual property, and others through two planning meetings that a foundation helped fund (one in St. Paul, Minnesota in January of 2006, and one in Sao Paulo, Brazil in April of 2006).”

“We are organized into working groups that anyone is free to join, including an administrative oversight group which is coordinated by Mary Hess. Most of us who started this project are members of Christian communities of faith, but we welcome participation from people of other faiths. If you speak a language that is not part of the navigation of this site, and would like to contribute a translation to make it possible to navigate in your language, please let us know.”

“More information about the site can also be found on our blog, and an older wiki site we used at the beginning.”

What creativity! Having made visits to Vietnam and China this year I became increasingly aware of the great need for theology books, biblical commentaries and ministry resources to be available in these languages.

Generous initiatives like this, which have the capacity to cut through borders and barriers of copyright, are to be applauded.

Delighted to be made aware of this resource! Thank you Mary!

Dr Geoff Pound

Image: The Feautor home page.