Grateful thanks to Baptist Studies Bulletin editor, Bruce Gourley for promoting in the September bulletin the paper and ideas that were first posted on this site at this page, entitled, ‘Creativity in Theological Education’.

The Center for Baptist Studies that comes out of Mercer University issues each month a free, richly resourceful EMagazine designed to ‘bridge Baptists Yesterday and Today’.

I am grateful to the Center for Baptist Studies for also highlighting on their Hot Issues and Resources page my Stories for Speakers and Writers web site that provides stories for communicators and my online book Making Life Decisions: Journey in Discernment.

This free book, Making Life Decisions, was launched online in November 2007, has already been discovered by several thousand people and is being used around the world in churches, by small groups, couples and individuals.

Dr Geoff Pound

Image: Baptist Studies Bulletin Home Page.