In my last posting I asked you to help get the word out to your friends by promoting Theologians Without Borders.

Here is another good reason to commend this site ….

New Series
In addition to the regular notification of international opportunities and offers of service I am commencing a series of articles on Creative Things Happening in Theological Education around the world which I hope you will enjoy and contribute to. Here is the catalyst for this idea…

Creative Theological Models
I have been asked to speak about Theologians Without Borders at the forthcoming BWA-sponsored, Baptist International Conference on Theological Education (BICTE) that is to be held in Prague, 26-29 July 2008. My five cents worth is to be part of a conference segment in which several will share some creative theological models from their region. TWB is being seen as one of the new creative ventures that is gathering momentum across many regions.

Creative Things Happening?
To help me think about TWB in the context of creativity I wrote to many seminary teachers and interested people around the world and said, “What is going on in your school or region that is an example of creativity in theological education?”

Familiarity Breeds…
I was interested in the types of responses. Many said, “There’s nothing much happening that you could call creative in our corner but we are doing this…” and then they would go on to tell me something I thought was fantastic.

So often we come up with a creative idea and then it becomes so familiar that we don’t think it is very different or useful to share with others!

Creativity Blitz
I received an amazing response from people. Once they started to write, the ideas poured out and I was hit with an avalanche of creativity! I was so stimulated.

I have stored the question away for a time when I have to lead a group session with theological educators or if I get caught hosting a seminar and the guest speaker fails to appear! You try asking this question at such a gathering: “What is going on in your school or region that is an example of creativity in theological education?” You will be surprised at the response and the encouragement when the creative juices start flowing!

Creative Postings
I have in my email box so many creative ideas about theological education that there is no way that I will have the time to share these at the conference in Prague. Most of you will not be there so I will put them together into a paper which I will be happy to make available but I will also start posting some of these ideas and other reflections now through the pages of this web site.

I hope you will enjoy them and send me more ideas that I can post so that we might be mutually encouraged.

Pass on This Link
I hope you will agree that this is another good reason to pass the word around about TWB to your friends.

Dr. Geoff Pound