Further responses to my question, ‘What creative things do you see happening in theological education’:

+ John Reid draws our attention to the research of Charles Foster whose extensive work of researching seminaries across the USA for three years has been funded by the Carnegie Foundation. A Media Summary, entitled ‘Educating Clergy: Teaching Practices and Pastoral Imagination’ can be found at this link and a Study Guide at this link. The survey forms and list of participating institutions can be found at this link.

+ Several USA seminaries have been hosting projects under the general title of Sustaining Pastoral Excellence which are sponsored by Lilly Endowment grants. (George Bullard) This is focusing the learning needs and identifying the best ways that the subjects and skills are to be taught.

+ The Columbia Partnership at www.thecolumbiapartnership.org, is teaching eight different masters level courses in Christian leadership coaching for Western Seminary in Portland or at their Portland, Sacramento, and San Jose campuses. (George Bullard)

Thanks for these offerings.

Do any of these ideas trigger your thoughts about creative initiatives?

Dr. Geoff Pound

Image: The many faces of teaching and learning.