How Many Times Have You heard…
“I’m not sure where my studies are taking me.”
“What direction do you think I should be taking?”
“What should I do at the end of the year?”
“What is God’s will in this situation?”
“What subjects should I take next semester?”
“Should I do _______ or should I do _____?”

Instead Of…
The next time one of your students or friends asks you one of these important questions don’t:
* Say the first thing that comes off the top of your head
* Share something that is ‘half-baked’ or on the run
* Spend the next hour discussing the matter

Offer This Approach
Suggest that they:
* Make time for an intentional period of discernment
* Follow a process rather than yearn for a quick fix
* Use a guide to discover the next step
* Embark on a biblical journey of prayer and journaling

‘So That You Will Discern…’
* Give them this link to the free online resource:
Making Life Decisions: Journey in Discernment
* Encourage them to jot down questions and make notes
* Tell them you will be happy to listen and talk with them after their initial journey is over

Some Benefits
* It will save them and you lots of time
* It will be a theological journey
* It will empower rather than perpetuate dependence on ‘experts’

Dr. Geoff Pound

* Making Life Decisions was written specifically for people asking the questions listed above
* It can also be used by couples, small groups and congregations
* It can be used by people face-to-face or by people communicating online
* It has been used by teams for their regular group reflections
* Follow this link for feedback on this resource and how it is being used
* Do pass on the link to your friends and colleagues