A request has recently been received from a cluster of churches (mainly Telegu speaking but translators are available) in Chennai, India.

While one person would be fine, this is the type of request that would best be addressed by a team (see example)—a group of people from a church or seminary.

The time of the year and the length of the visit are flexible.

This will depend on the gifts of those who visit but could include:
* Speaking at Pastor’s Conferences
* Training of leaders
* Sharing in the ministry of the churches
* Assisting in ministries to slum areas
* Building and repairing of buildings

I have a host of information and photographs that offer a better sense of the work that is going on. Please ask for more information and let me know of your interest.

Dr. Geoff Pound
Chair, Coordinating Committee, TWB.

Image: Cutting through the traffic in Chennai.