I have received a call from a South East Asian location for theological teachers.

This could be for one week (in which you teach an intensive), two weeks or three. It is very flexible.

In trying to pin the request down specifically, I haven’t been successful at this stage as they are ‘grateful for any assistance’.

The need is very great. The students are many. There are opportunities for sharing with a wider number of people in regular worship services.

The medium is English. The grasp of the English language varies from student to student. The students are hungry to learn.

You need to be a good communicator in another culture. You don’t have to be currently teaching in a seminary. You might be serving as a pastor in a church. Women and men are able to teach and preach in this context. You need to be versatile and ready to speak at the drop of a hat.

Accommodation is basic and challenging. Resources on the spot are scarce, although there is a good Internet service. Mobile phones work if you get in the right spot.

Bed, ‘room’ and mossie nets are free and local style food is provided. The nearest McDonalds restaurant is a five hour drive away, if this is important to you. A good coffee shop is a twenty minutes drive from this place.

There is neither pay nor finance offered for plane fares.

This opportunity will change your life.

For good reasons I do not want to put more details on this public notice board but if you would like to know more please email me at geoffpound@yahoo.com.au

Geoff Pound

Image: ‘Come Over and Help Us!’