Further in our new series on Creative Things Happening in Theological Education, Dr. Josué Fonseca writes from Chile about creativity being put into practice this week by his Seminario Teológico Bautista (Baptist Theological Seminary) in Santiago.

This week (commencing 25 May 2008) their complete Seminary community will travel 2000 klms by bus (36 hours trip) to do a week of mission in northern Chile.

Josué, who is the ‘Decano’ (Dean) writes:
“Faculty, students and personnel will perform many activities as an In-Field-Training-theology project, as a way to celebrate our 69 anniversary as Seminary.”

“We will assist 30 local churches in eight major cities, witnessing in radio, newspapers, open air, home visiting, rallies, lectures at secondary schools, visit to prisons, elderly homes, children homes, poor villages, army bases, and so on.”

“Here you have one in full action next week. It is two decades now that we as Seminary realized that theological education without practising together can be only theoretical and empty in many ways. Being together in full action is another completely different story.”

It could have been much easier just to send the students off on assignment while their professors stayed back to mark essays and write lectures. But think of the sense of community that will be built up by professors and students travelling and ministering together? What opportunities for theological reflection! What credibility this is likely to give as students see their teachers engage in ministry.

I hope we get some feedback from the staff and students in the Comments of this posting.

Do pray for the Seminario Teológico Bautista especially in this week of creativity, community and concern.

Pray also for the nation of Chile as at this time different regions are facing devastation caused by volcanoes and floods.

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Dr. Geoff Pound

Image: Map of Chile; Josué Fonseca.

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